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Heaven On Earth Massage

Adelheid Springer @703.623.2466

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Massage Modalities


Deep Tissue Massage  -  specific and deep, helps release muscle restrictions which cause pain and discomfort, e.g. neck/upper back problems, headaches, etc.


Swedish Massage  gentle and flowing, for stress reduction and general relaxation. Also increases circulation, helps improve immune system.


Myofascial Release   -   to release restrictions in the fascia.


Thai Massage  -  Involves deep palm and thumb pressure along sen (energy) lines and gentle yoga stretches to increase range of motion, circulation, etc. The massage is performed with the client dressed comfortably.


Lymphatic Drainage  -  Helps the circulation of body fluids, stimulates the immune system, promotes a state of deep relaxation and balance within the autonomic nervous system. The touch is gentle, which aids relaxation.


Facelift Massage  - Click on About Facelift Massage to find out more about this truly astonishing and relaxing service.



I use only hypo-allergenic and organic massage lotions and cremes.