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Heaven On Earth Massage

Adelheid Springer @703.623.2466

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The Treatment
1st Step

Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated with a pure, wholesome facial cleanser. Warm towels will be applied to soften the skin, which helps to loosen cellular debris and ensures a deep cleansing. The process prepares the skin for the massage.
2nd Step

Your face will be massaged with luxurious, lightweight facial oiI, using whipping, tapping, acupressure, and contouring strokes as well as manual lymph drainage to stimulate the skin's circulation and to rejuvenate and tone the muscles of the face. Hot towels are applied again.
3rd Step

A toner is applied, and the face is moisturized with cremes containing the finest natural bio-extracts to feed and nourish the skin.

4th Step

The "tie-up", which helps to "set the lift", will be applied. It puts the previously stimulated muscles into a resting position, which greatly enhances the benefits of the massage.
5th Step

During the 15-minute "tie-up" your feet will be wrapped in hot towels and your hands and arms will be massaged, followed by a soothing foot massage.
The full treatment lasts 75 minutes.
After the treatment your skin will glow, your complexion will be greatly improved, and you will look and feel your best!
You decide which benefits you want to achieve.